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giovanni baccani
House estabilished in 1903

Wooden graffito obelisk

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€ 140.00


Originally created as an instrument of urban furniture, in time it has asserted itself as an elegant furnishing object.

In today's Florence, the most famous examples of these artefacts can be admired in Piazza Santa Maria Novella where the Grand Duke Ferdinando dei Medici erected two marble obelisks in 1606, replacing the wooden ones previously erected by Cosimo I in 1563.

The Graffito technique of decoration represents one of the most ancient and precious Florentine techniques.

A description of it can be found in the “Libro dell'arte” by Cennino Cennini (14th century) and in “Vite dei più eccellenti pittori” by Giorgio Vasari (15th century).

Gold leaf is applied to prepared wooden surface.

Afterwards, a layer of milk or egg-based tempera is painted on the surface.

Once dry, the decoration is drawn freehand with a soft wood style, bringing the underlying gilding to light.

Please note: Any variation in color or detailing is a result of the handcrafted nature of this item and makes each piece unique.

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40cm X 9cm X 9cm

Size for graffito obelisk


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