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giovanni baccani
House estabilished in 1903


Our history began in 1903 when Giovanni Baccani opened a shop in the centre of Florence.

An art enthusiast, he proposed typical artefacts from the best Florentine craft tradition, particularly gilded wood objects made with the same techniques as those employed by ancient craftsmen.

Dedication and love for his work led to his being awarded the title of Knight of the Italian Republic in 1959 for having extended the artistic image of the city of Florence and having disseminated Italian culture throughout the world.

In 1956, Cavalier Giovanni was replaced at the helm of the company by his son Umberto, who continued along the same commercial line as the one started by his father.

Umberto was succeeded in 1974 by his son Giovanni. His love for Florence inspired him to recreate objects from Renaissance and Medieval Florence, highlighting the artistic details.

The current owner Giovanni, the founder's grandson, has brought in his son Lorenzo alongside him, who thus continues the family tradition into the fourth generation.

The shop still preserves the original furniture made in 1903 and this provides an aesthetical and cultural documentation of the period with its Renaissance style "boiserie" decorated by exhilarating Latin mottos inscribed with gold characters.

A blue cloth has always covered the panels of the boiserie and this characteristic has meant that, unknown to us, customers know the shop as “the blue shop”.